Taste of Thailand

Nov 24, 2009

Spicey Greenlip mussels steamed with chang beer, Trout pan fried in tamarind sauce, and Bunja Mango for dessert!

Entree: Hoi Song Kreung

Greenlip mussel steamed with Chang beer and our spicey tomato, garlic, lemongrass and fresh basil sauce.

Main: Plaa Makaam Taakrai

Trout pan fried in tamarind sauce, lemongrass, kaffir lime, corriander and a touch of chili.

Dessert: Bunja Mango

Fresh mango with our tasty caramalised topping.


Go Bunja Tigers!

Go Bunja Tigers!

Bunja Tigers are the new inline skating hockey team at The Zone for the Bendigo Blaze! read more...

New $15 Lunch Specials

New $15 Lunch Specials

These are the faces of our new $15 LUNCH SPECIALS at Bunja Thai. Full A la carte menu is also available for your enjoyment. read more...